Sunday, July 12, 2009

A dining experience in Renaissance Hotel

Time is flying. Semester break has overed and new semester has already started one week. What I would like to share here is a buffet dinner that I had in Renaissance Hotel with my brother during my 2 months holiday. For your information, Reanissance Hotel is a 5-start hotel located at the junction of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang.

Like usual, there was a reason to attract me to go there whereby this time, there was a promotion undergoing which 25% discount will be given. Seriouly, the selection of food there is not very wide but if they have offered, you can only just say 'Wow, it is nice!'. =) All the food were so sophisticated. You can really feel their heart by just seeing it. I really admired this.

The main bar counter.

Salad bar.

A wide range of desserts.

Fresh seafood. I like this so much. :-)

They even prepare different type of cheeses. But the taste of pure cheese is too strong.

However, quality always never come alone. Let you guess, what is the thing that always come parallel with quality? Yea, that is the price. The price there really shocking. I never know that the price can be that level which a bottle of coke can already cost me up to 14 bucks. Their profit margin really amazing since the normal price of coke is just 1++. Let's calculate, their profit is up to 1400%... Of course, if include their services, 14bucks is then not too shocking. Well, I can only say that 5-start hotel is still not my place. Haha. Actually, if anyone of you has read a book named Malaysia's Best Restaurant, most of the restaurant in Reanaissance Hotel has the highest rating in their price range.

At the end, when we asked for the bill, the amount is 'just' 190++ for 2 person buffet dinner. Bear in mind that we still had 25% discount for the buffet meal. Perhaps, this is the most expensive dining experience so far in my 20++ years life. Lastly, just some advice for those would like to have a meal in any of the 5-star hotel. If you bother your wallet, don't simply order their drinks when having your meal.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Diamond Elite Entrepreneur Programme(DEEP)

Wow... Two days of Diamond Elite Entrepreneur Programme(DEEP) finally overed. For these two days, the programme was held in the Diamond headquarter which located in South City Plaza, Serdang. Seriously, when I first heard the programme was held there, I was not interested to attend at all since the place was so far. However, at last I made my mind that choose to give it a try first before I choose to give up. Well... I totally not regretted attending the programme; in fact, I felt fortunate I had made a wise choice at the last minute.

In this two days programme, thing that inspired me the most was the sharing of some top salesperson in Diamond. When they shared their story and their route befor their success, I really got motivated. Even obstacles were all along their pathway to success, their determination never changed. In fact, all their failure will become their golden lesson and all these were their staircase to the top of their career. I really really admired their determination to achieve their dreams.

Of course, besides sharing, we were taught different types of skills, mainly in communication skill and presentation skill. Well, the lesson was great and many new ideas had taught. However, all these skills actually need to be sharpened through our daily activities, then only can see the effect. Anyhow, I appreciate the lesson too.

In short, I felt very thankful to the organizer of this DEEP programme which is the NEP Holding. Now, I'm waiting for the coming talk which will be going to organize in IOI Palm Garden, Putrajaya and the talk will be conducted by the director, Mr. Michael Lim. Hopefully, more interesting things will be shared there.

*Sorry if any language errors and pls correct me yea... =)*

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ecology Camp

Time flying really fast. There has already been a long time since my last post. In these few weeks, things happened around me even cannot be said uncountable, but also quite number. However, in this post, I am going to share with you guys about my latest camp which was compulsary for everyone in my course. The camp was in Ulu Gombak. Perhaps, this is the most meaningful camp that I have joined.

Since the duration of the whole camp was 6 days 5 nights, the post definitely will be very lengthy if I write every single things. Therefore, I decided to share with you guys with pictures.


Everyday, 6 meals will be served and most imporatantly, the meals were good. =) Picture above was our very first meal.

Based on our seniors, this river used to be a very clean and clear river. However, when we been there, we have noticed that the river was abit muddy. Anyhow, we have a lot fun here. Haha...

Jungle walk session on the first day. Throughout the session, Prof. Rosli (person stood at the front most) has shown us alot of new things. He is really an excellent lecturer. =)

This is the most difficult terrain in jungle walk. One of my coursemates even slipped down to the valley. Luckily, she managed to catch a root and no injured.

Have you seen this before?? This is a leech; somemore, this is a full leech. This creature is plenty around the camp. Lolz...


Butterfly sampling. One of the precious skills that I have learnt in camp. =)

This bird is called Kingfisher. Really a nice bird. This was caught by the staffs by using mist-net.

Ants are so common around us. But this is special because is the Queen. Seriously, this was my first time to see the Queen. I believe same goes to everyone. The person in the right photo is our lecturer from German specialized in ants. He was the one showing us the Queen.

Night walk in jungle on the second day. Actually, we were looking for lizards, snakes and Slow Loris (search google if don't know what is this). However, we only found this. Anywhere, this is nice, right? =)

Another beautiful creature in the forest.

This is nothing to do with ecology thing. But it is frightening right if you see this in a forest.


Bird Watching Session- We were trying to observe the lifestyle of birds. But so sad, we couldn't find much. Perhaps, it is another effect of environmental problems.

The greeny-view. One word-NICE!! Haha...

The binocular that we used for bird-watching.

All of us set a rat trap each to catch the small mammals like squirrel. Unfortunately, 22 of us has failed. =(

This is the mist trap that I mentioned before. Don't think we are cruel. We catched it for research purposes only. After that, the bird will be released back.

I believe you must wonder what is this. Actually, this is a stingless bee nest. Another gorgeous work in nature. Nice, right? =)

Anyone of my friend has seen such a gigantic milipede? This is the king species of the milipede family.

River Profiling - We were looking for aquatic invertebrate. This is a very important lesson in the whole camp.

Photos below were the invertebrates that we caught and captured under the microscope.

I only remember the name of this. Stonefly, a bioindicatior. Their existence indicates that the river is clean.


River Investigation - first stop is at the lower stream of Sungai Klang and Sungai Gombak which is at the middle-heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Prof. Halim was explaining the procedures of river investigation which are checking the dissolved oxygen, pH, etc etc. He is another marvellous lecturer.

Lecturer was showing us the way of collecting water sample. The water sample will be used to check the amount of chemical substances contained.

Second stop is the upper stream of Sungai Klang which is around Taman Melati. For your information, the origin of Klang river is a reservoir which named as Klang Gate Dam. This is an usable water storage dam. Hence, we were not allowed to visit in case of any negligence happen.

Is this nice? They look like coral reef. However, it is a type of algae and can only live in shallow water as sunlight is maximum at the surface.

The piping above is for transmitting water. Klang Gate Dam is one of the most important dams in Klang Valley especially during the drought season.

This area is near to the landslide area-Bukit Antarabangsa.

Our third stop is the origin of Gombak river. The water here is the best as no any development taking place around the area.

Can you notice something at the picture above? This is a stonefly, another bio-indicator. They are plenty at the origin of Gombak river, indicates that the water there indeed very clean.

We were required to perform something on the fourth day. One of my very creative coursemates, Xinle suggested that we sing with some unidentical instruments accompany. I told to shake a plastic bottle filled with sand. Haih... Really a music noob. Mistakes here and there.

Taking photo with two lecturers. They are really great. I believe every lecturer in UM are like them, 'UM is one' can be achieved easily.

We were brought to visit the Smart Control Centre located at Jalan Ampang.

This is the control room of SMART tunnel. Any command will be given out from here.

One of the water storage ponds of SMART. This pond alone can store about 0.3 million cubes of water.