Sunday, July 12, 2009

A dining experience in Renaissance Hotel

Time is flying. Semester break has overed and new semester has already started one week. What I would like to share here is a buffet dinner that I had in Renaissance Hotel with my brother during my 2 months holiday. For your information, Reanissance Hotel is a 5-start hotel located at the junction of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang.

Like usual, there was a reason to attract me to go there whereby this time, there was a promotion undergoing which 25% discount will be given. Seriouly, the selection of food there is not very wide but if they have offered, you can only just say 'Wow, it is nice!'. =) All the food were so sophisticated. You can really feel their heart by just seeing it. I really admired this.

The main bar counter.

Salad bar.

A wide range of desserts.

Fresh seafood. I like this so much. :-)

They even prepare different type of cheeses. But the taste of pure cheese is too strong.

However, quality always never come alone. Let you guess, what is the thing that always come parallel with quality? Yea, that is the price. The price there really shocking. I never know that the price can be that level which a bottle of coke can already cost me up to 14 bucks. Their profit margin really amazing since the normal price of coke is just 1++. Let's calculate, their profit is up to 1400%... Of course, if include their services, 14bucks is then not too shocking. Well, I can only say that 5-start hotel is still not my place. Haha. Actually, if anyone of you has read a book named Malaysia's Best Restaurant, most of the restaurant in Reanaissance Hotel has the highest rating in their price range.

At the end, when we asked for the bill, the amount is 'just' 190++ for 2 person buffet dinner. Bear in mind that we still had 25% discount for the buffet meal. Perhaps, this is the most expensive dining experience so far in my 20++ years life. Lastly, just some advice for those would like to have a meal in any of the 5-star hotel. If you bother your wallet, don't simply order their drinks when having your meal.


四月 said...

so u mean go to there just makan but don minum la ?

Carlson said...

Not reali de. Is up to you. If you think the bill is ok, of cz u can go for it. Lolz... But is just like not worth it... Haha...